Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fried Cheese Goodness

There is only one thing I love more than potatoes and that is cheese. I love all cheese...even the smelly feet sorta cheese that you wonder silently "who the hell invented this crap and why did they think it would be a good idea to taste it?". Through my love of Mexican food I discovered Queso Fresco. Now, I'd eaten it ON things...beans, tortillas...pasta (yes pasta)...but never stopped to truly appreciate something about the cheese until last night.

The stuff doesn't melt. will not turn into a gooey mess of oil and milk product when exposed to heat. What DOES happen is that it gets soft and pliable. Queso Fresco in it's cold state is a mildly firm cheese that crumble easily. Well, last night I thought to about some fried cheese. I'm told this is actually a common snack in Mexico.

So the idea is to cut a slice of the cheese and put it in a hot pan to brown. Flip the cheese and brown on the other side. When done...chomped that puppy down. It may seem weird...eating fried cheese, but think about it for a moment. Don't we all grab that extra wad of cheese that fell off your pizza slice? Isn't it divine just to chew on that cheesy goodness? Well..this is the same idea...only better...but Queso Fresco will make you orgasm it's so good.

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  1. have you thought about making a batter for it? like the fried mozzerella sticks.